Meta is in Beta - what it means

Meta is no longer in Beta

We're super happy to announce that we have released our Meta integration to Beta for all our customers. Much of the functionality you're used to using in Adpulse is now available for Meta Ad Accounts, but there are a couple of things to be aware of while it's still in Beta.

But, let's start with what you can do (pretty much everything):

  • Create Account and Child budgets
  • Apply Smart Budget features like AutoProtect and AutoPacing
  • Create Custom Budget Alerts
  • Meta Budgets will appear on the Budget Performance scatter plot on the dashboard
  • Within the Performance section; Accounts, Campaigns, and Devices now have Meta Ad Account data. (no actions within Adpulse, yet but we're working on it)
  • Most of the Insights are running across Meta accounts, including Critical Alerts

Things to watch out for during the Beta

There are a couple of things you need to watch out for when using Meta while it's in Beta. The instances of the below occurring are becoming less and less frequent as more Meta Ad Accounts are imported to Adpulse, but do keep an eye out and let us know if you see anything unexpected.

Campaigns and Ad Set not showing as expected

When you import a new Meta Ad Account, we recommend checking that Adpulse can see the list of campaigns and ad sets before you apply AutoProtect or AutoPacing to its budget.

You can do this by creating a Child Budget (click on the triple dot on the budget row) and checking that you can see the list of your campaigns and Ad Sets - it should be quite obvious. If you can see the campaigns, then you can use AutoPacing and AutoProtect on budgets for this Ad Account. You don't need to save this Child Budget - it's just to view the Campaigns

This is due to Meta having many legacy campaign types that are not included in their documentation, so we don't know about them until one pops up.

How to check if your Campaigns and Ad Set are available

If you can't see your Campaigns and Ad Sets as per the above, do not use AutoProtect or AutoPacing as they will not work. Please use the yellow feedback tab to let us know the Ad Account and we can rectify it for you.

Conversion Data may not be correct

Again, since Meta has a lot of legacy conversion types, some Ad Accounts KPI data may not be accurate. If you find this is the case, please get in contact via the yellow feedback tab and we'll work with you to establish the correct metric.


As per usual, we'd love your feedback on having Meta within Adpulse - suggestions, recommendations, bugs, anything to make it a better product for you would be appreciated.

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