To access your billing options visit Settings / Admin / Billing. Note: Only 'Owners' can see this tab.

On the billing page, you can:

  • View current plan
  • View ad spend for the last 30 days - converted to USD
  • Add/view/edit payment method
  • View billing cycle
  • View/edit billing email(s)
  • View/download recent invoices

Billing page

How to view your current plan and ad spend

The top left of the Billing page shows your current pricing tier, and the monthly cost for this in USD.

This section also displays your current Ad Spend for the last 30 days. This updates daily and is used to determine your pricing plan. View all the pricing plans.

How to update your Payment Method

The center section of the Billing page displays your payment method Here you can edit your payment method - which currently is only a credit Card.

Note: Only Owners can view the Billing page

How to update billing emails

Each month the invoice receipt is emailed to the billing email(s) listed under Payment Details. Here you can:

  • Update or add multiple billing emails
  • View the billing cycle
  • Cancel your Adpulse subscription

How to download past invoices

Under the invoices section, you can:

  • View a summary of previous invoices
  • Download previous invoices

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