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How to Import Ad Accounts
Updated over a week ago

To import ad accounts into Adpulse:

  1. Select the accounts that you would like to import. You can select multiple accounts to import by:

    • Ticking the checkboxes of particular accounts

    • Using the filter to find accounts by name, or platform

    • Select all accounts by ticking the checkbox at the top of the table (note this will only select all the accounts on the current page)

  2. Click ‘Import’

  3. A modal will open, so you can assign Tags to these Ad Accounts (not Mandatory).

    1. Select a tag or tags and click 'Confirm'

    2. or, click 'Cancel' to not assign any tags

These accounts will now be listed on the Imported screen, but it might take a couple of minutes for all the data to sync across - depending on the number and sizes of accounts being imported

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