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Adpulse Updates - 18 Nov 2022
Adpulse Updates - 18 Nov 2022
Updated over a week ago

New updates:

  • New rolling KPI target options

  • Updated Account Performance scatter plot on the dashboard

  • Global Account Filter

  • New metrics filter on Search Terms and Products

  • Microsoft Advertising opportunity Insight

New rolling KPI target options

We have now added the ability to set a budget's KPI target as a rolling target based on a previous time period. These are for those cases where you don't have an explicit or fixed KPI, but you want to track if you're improving compared to a previous period. These new time periods are available for all KPI types.

Note: you can still set an explicit KPI target using 'Fixed Value', ie. The client wants a CPA of $17.50.

Selected a KPI option is now mandatory, but you can select 'none' if you'd rather not utilise this feature.

The options are;

  • Last 30 days

  • Last 60 days

  • Last 90 days

  • Same period last year

The KPI is then based on the time period of the budget (Monthly, Weekly or Custom), some examples:

Monthly budget, using a 'Last 90 Days' #Conversions KPI:

  • # conversion over the last 90 days (from today) = 1,350

  • 1,350 / 90 = 15 conversions per day

  • The current month has 30 days, so the monthly KPI target for today would be 450

  • This total would then update each day as the 'last 90 days' rolls through the month.

Custom time period budget, using a 'Same period last year' Cost Per Conversion KPI:

  • Current budget custom period = 06/11 - 20/11

  • The Cost Per Conversion for the same date range last year was $5.87, this is the KPI target used

  • This target would then update each day as the 'same period last year' rolls through the week.

Updated Account Performance scatter plot on the dashboard

We have added labels to the scatter plot so it's easier to identify how each account is performing, plus we have updated the colours to help reinforce this:

  • Over pacing and over-performing = Blue

  • Over pacing, but under-performing = Red

  • Under pacing and over-performing = Yellow

  • Under pacing, but under-performing = Orange

  • Performance within 10% of pacing and performance = Green (this is where you want all your accounts)

Global Account Filter

We have released a single account filter that persists across every page. This means you can select one - or multiple - accounts and as you navigate through Adpulse, all the data will be filtered to these accounts. You could do this already with tags, now you can focus on just one account in the same way. This now also works on the dashboard, so you can get an overview of one - or more - accounts on one page.

New metrics filter on Search Terms and Products

We've launched a new filter for the Search Terms and Product details pages. You can filter by any parameter within the table, using various modifiers and the filters can stack, so some examples:

  • (Campaign contains "Brand") AND (Number of conversions last 30 days is greater than 5)

  • (Search Term contains "Beef") AND (Cost last 30 days is greater than $15.00)

Microsoft Advertising Opportunity Insight

We have seen some great results coming out of Microsoft (Bing) Ads on comparative campaigns vs Google Ads. As such we've created a new insight that will highlight Ad Accounts within your portfolio that could benefit from trying activity on Microsoft.

Plus, if you do create some new Microsoft Ads Accounts do let us know as you could be eligible for up to 5% of quarterly Microsoft Ads (Bing) spend paid back to your agency as a cash rebate. Reach out here to find out more.

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