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Adpulse Updates - 28 Feb 2021
Adpulse Updates - 28 Feb 2021
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A lot has happened in the last couple of releases - this will bring you up to speed with everything new in the platform.

KPI driven Insights

Many insights now use KPIs to drive the results. When a KPI is used, the target and actual values are shown in the Insight dashboard:

KPI Insights

Nested Budget View

Adpulse Budgets now provide a nested view. You can switch back to the original flat view by clicking the toggle button at the top right:

Flatten Budgets

If you have an account level Smart Budget (a Budget created with all Campaigns selected) this is shown at the top with any child budgets nested underneath.

If there is no account level Smart Budget then the budgets are shown nested under a row for the account. Entries for accounts which have no top-level budget show an approximation of the monthly account budget based on the active campaign daily budgets:

Nested Budgets

For the Account level row, a solid icon is shown for Alert, AutoProtect and AutoPacing if it is turned on at the top level budget, and a more lightly shaded icon if it is turned on only for child budgets.

New menu items are available which makes it faster to create a new Account level or Child budget. You can also select 'Add target' to create an Account or Child level Smart Budget for an Ad Account that has not yet had one created.

When sorting by Total Budget in the Nested view, accounts without a Budget are sorted to the bottom of the list when sorted in descending order.

Click to edit for Budget Target and Rollover on the Budgets page

You can directly edit these budget fields on the budget page. Hit enter or click out of the cell to save. Hit Escape to cancel.

Inline Edit

Multiple Emails for Budget alert, AutoPacing and AutoProtect emails

You now have the option to add multiple notification email addresses when entering/editing budgets. In addition, the budget form will set the default values to other fields on the form to avoid re-entry if possible:

Multiple budget alert emails

Other changes

  • Budget alert, AutoProtect, and AutoPacing emails now include the Client name in the subject and body text.

  • AutoPacing now limits daily increases to at most 100% of its current budget.

  • Previously, disabling AutoProtect would unpause campaigns and remove labels that it had applied. It will now leave the campaigns in their paused and labeled state.

  • Insights previously labeled are now labeled as “Wasted Spend”. You can see the “Wasted Spend” figure for each account in the Insights Dashboard.

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