How Pro-rata budgets work

Pro-Rata Option when Creating a Budget

Starting a new client part way through the month and need to calculate how much of the client's normal monthly budget needs to be allocated for this first part month? Adpulse has you covered with the Pro-rata budget option.

Let's say you have a client with a normal monthly budget of $3,000 and you are starting their campaigns on the 20th of the month. You probably don't want your pacing calculations (and Auto-Pacing adjustments if you have that enabled) to be based on spending $3,000 over the remainder of this month (ie 10 days = $300 per day).

Entering $3,000 as your monthly budget and ticking the Pro-rata option will set your budget for this month at $1,000 (being 10 days left at $100/day) then at the start of next month, your budget will revert to $3,000 for the whole month (also $100/day in our example). For simplicity, we've assumed in our example that we are advertising seven days a week since pacing calculations in Adpulse are calculated by considering the number of days your ads are scheduled to run on.


We recommend only using Pro-rata on brand-new Ad Accounts with zero spend to date.

If using Pro-rata on campaigns that already have spend accumulated in the current budget period, that existing spend will count towards the Pro-Rated spend target that's calculated for the remainder of the current period.

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