How to fix missing Facebook Ad Accounts

If you can't see your Facebook Ad Account within the Not Imported page, it can usually be rectified by updating the Business Integration settings for Adpulse within your Facebook profile.

1. Log in to the Facebook account that you connected to Adpulse

2. Navigate to the Facebook Business Integration settings (view Facebook Documentation)

3. Next to Adpulse, click 'view and edit'

4. This will display a list of the Ad Accounts the Facebook profile has access to. These need to be ticked in order for them to be accessible by Adpulse

5. Once you have ticked the Ad Accounts, click save

6. Navigate to Settings > Connections and select 'sync' from the triple dot menu for the Facebook Account

7. The missing Facebook Ad Accounts will now display within Settings > Not Imported and you can import them

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