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How to update a Campaign Bid Strategy
How to update a Campaign Bid Strategy
Updated over a week ago

You are able to update the Bid Strategy of a Campaign without having to leave Adpulse.

We know that updating bid strategies often is not always the best practice so we've provided the below columns to inform you when the last change happened:

  • Current Bid Strategy

  • Previous Bid Strategy

  • Last changed (in days)

Portfolio Bid Strategies: If your campaign is part of a Portfolio Bid Strategy, updating it will remove it from this Portfolio. You will get the below notification prior to making any updates. Updating a Portfolios Bid Strategy will be a later addition.

How to update a campaign Bid Strategy

  1. Navigate to Performance > Campaigns OR the Budget Allocation tab within a budget

  2. Click one of the numbered results to enter the detailed view

  3. Select a campaign to update and click the triple dot menu

  4. Select 'Update Bid Strategy'

  5. A modal will appear that displays the current Bid Strategy, which can be updated using the dropdown.

    1. The available Bid Strategies will depend on the Campaign Type

    2. Depending on the new Bid Strategy you might need to enter additional information that the new Bid Strategy requires.

Note: Due to the complexity of changing the Bid Strategies you cannot change multiple at once, they will need to be updated one by one.

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