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How to update a Device Bid Adjustment
How to update a Device Bid Adjustment
Updated over a week ago

One of the fastest ways to improve the performance of a campaign is to increase or decrease bids on specific devices. Doing the analysis on each campaign and applying device bid adjustments one at a time is a valuable but very laborious and time-consuming task.

This is where Adpulse does what the Ad platforms don't - we analyze performance for each device across every campaign and every account. We then categorize and display them based on performance, meaning you can quickly see which devices would benefit from a bid adjustment. You can even process them in bulk across multiple campaigns at once, resulting in lightning-fast, high-value optimizations.

You can update the Bid Adjustment of a Device without having to leave Adpulse.

How to update a Device Bid Adjustment

  1. Click one of the numbered results to enter the detailed view

  2. Select a device to update and click the triple dot menu

  3. Select 'Update Bid Adjustment'

  4. A modal displays the current Bid Adjustment, and a field to enter the new Bid Adjustment. Enter either a negative or positive number to set the new Bid Adjustment

Some Bid Strategies only allow either 0% or -100% bid adjustments, as such these will be the only options available for those bid strategies

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