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Adpulse Updates - 14 Feb 2023
Adpulse Updates - 14 Feb 2023
Updated over a week ago

New updates:

  • Parent/Child budget conflict alert - definition expanded

  • Budget pacing algorithm update

  • Microsoft Ads - identify & build dynamic shopping remarketing campaigns

Parent/Child budget conflict alert

Available in all parent-level budgets, the definition of this alert has been expanded to warn you if:

1. Your child budgets don't add up to the same value as your parent budget.

2. *New* There are live campaigns in your parent budget that have not been selected in any child budget.

Let's say you add a new campaign to an account but forget to come into to add that campaign to a child budget. This alert will flag that your new account is missing from the child budgets, allowing you to edit the appropriate budget to include this new campaign.

Budget pacing algorithm update

Available in all budgets (parent or child), enabling auto-pacing will tell to adjust your budgets daily to try and hit your target spend over the nominated time period.

We have upgraded the algorithm to respect the fact that in many cases, your budgets actually need to be set artificially high in order to spend your actual daily spend target. This is particularly true when your adpulse budget contains many campaigns. For example, if you are trying to spend $100 per day across a bunch of campaigns, just setting your budget to $100 may result in you spending (for example) just $70, meaning that you actually needed to set your budgets to (say) $130 in order to actually spend $100.

Auto-pacing will now test actual vs target spend at the end of each day, then if budget 'padding' is required it will be added to the base budget calculation.

We have added some safety limits in place to ensure that your daily budgets operate within reasonable limits, but at the same time are given the flexibility to increase sufficiently where needed.

Microsoft Ads - build dynamic shopping campaigns

We added a new scan that identifies opportunities where you have an existing Microsoft Ads client with a traditional shopping campaign but no dynamic remarketing shopping campaign, and allows you to quickly build one directly from within with just a few clicks!

Dynamic remarketing is a wonderful way to increase reach and sales in a cost-effective way, and has been a well-used tool by many e-commerce advertisers for many years. The campaign will be built in a paused state, so we would recommend jumping across to Microsoft Ads once you've hit "Apply" so you can check the settings and launch the campaign.

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