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Adpulse Updates - 11 Feb 2021
Adpulse Updates - 11 Feb 2021
Updated over a week ago

This week, we've got some requested updates - most notably the ability to create custom times periods for budgets - and some more UI tweaks. We have a big update coming soon that we're pretty excited about, so keep an eye out for the next update email.

Custom budget periods

Smart budgets now support the ability to create custom periods with different targets. To use, select the 'Custom' period option when adding a budget, and then add custom entries in the table below - you are able to add multiple custom time periods within the one budget.


Note: once the budget is saved you will only be able to change the end date of the current period. When adjusting any rollovers they will also only apply to the current period.

Ad schedule for campaign budgets

When selecting campaign budgets for a smart budget, the days the campaigns are scheduled for are now shown. To update this, you will still need to do so via Google Ads interface.


Compact view of Budgets

The Budgets screen now displays a more compact view by default - this is for all of you working on laptop screens. You can toggle to the expanded view by selecting the expander icon in the top right. Adpulse will remember your choice either way.

New developer settings for creating API tokens


You can now create API tokens for custom integrations from the Developer Settings tab. This will be used in our forthcoming Zapier integration.

You can access this via Settings > Developer.

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