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Adpulse Updates - 2 August 2023
Adpulse Updates - 2 August 2023
Updated over a week ago

New updates:

With this update we've made it easier to update the Budget Target for the next period - no more having to go in on the 1st to update everything (esp. when the 1st is on a weekend!). Plus, we've updated the Search Terms and Product Performance Dashboards to make them consistent with the newer Keywords, Campaigns, and Asset Group ones. Finally, we have enabled a dynamic filter for Child Budgets - which makes it easier to capture Campaigns/Shared Budgets within a Child Budget.

Ability to Change Next Periods Budget Target Ahead of Time

We have updated the Budget Settings so you can update the Budget Target for the next period, while not affecting the Current Budget Target.

On the Edit Budget Settings page, there are now two Budget Targets:

  1. Scheduled Budget Target - this field updates the next period

  2. Current Budget Target - this field is the value for the current period

These fields can also be accessed using the Bulk Export/Import Budget Data process or inline on the Budget Page (just expand the column set to see this field)

Updated Search Term and Products Performance Dashboards

We have updated the Search Terms and Products Performance Dashboard so they are consistent with the newer Keywords, Asset Groups, and Campaigns versions. This makes it easier to flick between them when reviewing and not have to re-think what the columns are.

Pro Tip: You can filter all pages in Adpulse by a Tag or an Ad Account, making it easier to focus on one account across all the Performance Criteria.

Updated Dashboard UI to Highlight Performance Priorities

With all the Performance Dashboards now being consistent we have updated the Adpulse Dashboard to highlight specific areas of priority from this data. This is so you can jump straight into action on the most important things. As with everything on the Dashboard, you can filter this data by Tag, or Ad Account.

Click on the number to view the data.

Ability to Create Child Budgets Using a Dynamic Name Selector

Rather than manually selecting, you can filter by Campaign/Shared Budget name and it will only include those that match the filter criteria. This will dynamically include and remove campaigns as per this filter.

Example: Child budget created using Dynamic [Campaign Name contains 'Brand'].

If you added a new Campaign that contained the name 'Brand', then it would automatically be included in this Child Budget.

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