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How to add a search term as a new keyword
How to add a search term as a new keyword
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1. Review the search terms for an Ad Account

Head to the Search Terms Dashboard on the left-hand navigation of the platform.

Here you will see a list of your Ad Accounts alongside a series of columns that are the predefined 'buckets' that we have classified your search terms into. Click into a bucket (aka Tab) by clicking on the number of search results for that Ad Account for that Tab.

2. Select your search terms individually or in bulk

You can apply 'Add as negative keyword' to each search term individually, using the kebab menu at the end of the row, or by selecting multiple search terms and using the Bulk Actions button. Both of these will display a drop-down box where you can select 'Add as negative keyword'

3. Adding the Keyword

You can add keywords to any campaign/adgroup you like within the ad account, and as multiple match types; Exact, Broad or Phrase. You can even duplicate and edit the search terms so they can be saved in multiple locations and as different match types at the same time.

Once the modal opens, simply select a match type and then the campaign and adgroup of where you want to save it - then click 'Add To Queue'. When you have reviewed and added all your search terms to the queue, click 'Submit' to submit these Actions - once submitted a green tick will appear next to them to show that have been added.

Remember - you can duplicate the edit search terms in this modal using the kebab menu at the end of each row. How To Duplicate and Edit search terms

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