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Adpulse Updates - 13 Oct 2022
Adpulse Updates - 13 Oct 2022
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New KPI type: # conversions

We’ve released a new KPI type: number of conversions (#convs)

You are now able to specify the number of conversions as a target for a chosen time period and Adpulse will track it. The color of the KPI will represent the pacing of the conversion instead. So a green highlighted actual number will mean you’re on track pacing-wise to hitting your target number of conversions, whereas red will mean you’re behind the target.

Change Log

We now have a log of all changes made by a user within Adpulse.

You are able to search the logs by:

  • Filtering by user

  • Filtering by Ad Account

  • Filtering by change type

  • Coming soon - the ability to select a date range

To access the Change Log, navigate to Settings > Change Log

Yesterdays spend

We have added ‘Yesterday’s Spend' as a column to the Budget/KPI page. This provides another layer of information that complements the budget pacing and ideal daily spend numbers. Having the short-term (yesterday) spend information allows you to compare the ideal daily spend against the actual spend yesterday, to help make sure that your budget strategy is working as expected.

Product Dashboard

We recently released our V1 of the Product Performance tool and it closely follows the Search Terms tool in how it works. The goal is to make it easier and faster for you to manage the products within your account, by doing the initial analysis for you so you can focus on taking action.

To get the most from this we recommend you connect your Merchant Centre - this way we can pull in more data to help you make a decision - for example, Product Title and Price.

Adpulse automatically scans the products from your shopping campaigns and categorizes them for you into the below.

  • Disapproved or Expiring

  • Expensive Non-Converters

  • Expensive Converters

  • Stopped Serving Ads

  • Low Conv Rate

  • Low CTR

  • Everything Else

  • Hidden (coming soon)

In this V1 there are no actions, but the actions that will be live shortly are:

  • Exclude product

  • Add to a new campaign

  • Add to a new Ad group

  • Snooze: 7 days

  • Snooze: 14 days

  • Snooze: 30 days

  • Hide

We’ll be updating this consistently, so any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

UX/UI updates:

  • The Search Terms and Product Performance tables now have sticky headers, to make it easier when working through a large number of rows.

  • Ability to contract and expand the left-hand navigation bar, to allow more working screen space .

  • All page elements are now full-screen width to make them more consistent and easier to work with.

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