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Adpulse Updates - 13 November 2023
Adpulse Updates - 13 November 2023
Updated over a week ago

Lots of new stuff throughout the platform this week, from new KPI types to updated Performance Benchmarks, and Insight Alerts .

  • New KPI types

  • Updated Insight Alert creation

  • Budget Allocation updates

  • Performance Benchmarks updated

  • Defer Loading Child Budgets

New KPI Types

When creating a budget we have added three new KPI types: CTR, Impressions, and Cost Of Sale. So now the complete list of available KPIs to track is:

  • Cost per Conversion (CPA)

  • Conv. Value/ Cost (ROAS)

  • Conversions

  • Cost of Sales

  • CTR

  • Impressions

KPI options when creating or editing an Adpulse budget

Updated Insight Alerts creation

We've updated the Insight Alert functionality, it now more closely resembles how to create Custom Budget Alerts.

This means you can create Insight Alerts based on tags, plus you can now send them to third -party apps, like Slack and Teams.

All existing Insight Alerts have been migrated to the new process. You can review these here -

Budget Allocation updates

We have updated the Budget Allocation table to give it some extra functionality:

  • Update the Campaign Bid Strategy

  • Ability to edit the columns

  • Added more comparison data as available columns

Performance Benchmarks updated

Across all of the Performance Dashboards; Keywords, Campaigns, Devices, Search Terms, Asset Groups, and Products, we have updated how each element is categorized.

In a nutshell, it'll use the KPI you have assigned to its corresponding budget. If you have the campaign in more than one budget - and therefore it has multiple KPIs - then some logic is applied to determine which KPI to use.

You can read more here - How Performance Benchmarks work

Defer Loading Child Budgets

If you use child budgets extensively (eg hundreds or thousands of them), enabling this option may increase the load speed of your Budgets/KPI page by deferring child budgets from being loaded until you open the Account Budget.

Please be aware that enabling this option will prevent the greyed-out Child-related Smart Budget icons from displaying on the Account Budget row until you manually expand to view the Child.

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