How to create Budgets for a single day event

With one-day sales - such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Click Frenzy, Singles Day, etc - becoming more important for many retailers, so has being able to manage budgets for a single event.

With Adpulse's Custom Time Period Budgets you are able to create specific one-day child budgets to better manage spend for these events, with spend checked every hour and customer spend and pacing alerts to stay across spend throughout the day.


The client has specific campaigns, creative, and budget to run activities on specific days to coincide with Singles Day.

This could look something like:

  1. Lead-up activity - 3 days prior to the event:
    1. Dates: 8-10 November
    2. Budget: $3,000
  2. Activity on the day of the event:
    1. Date: 11 November
    2. Budget: $7,000
  3. Post-event activity - 3 days after the event:
    1. Dates: 12-15 November
    2. Budget: $5,000

How to set this up in Adpulse

We can create Child Budgets for each of these activities and use Custom Time Periods to define the specific dates and budget target for each Child Budget.

So, you'd create:

  1. Child Budget 1 - Lead-up activity
  2. Child Budget 2 - Day of Event
  3. Child Budget 3 - Post-event activity

This then allows us to:

  • Where multiple days, can apply AutoPacing
  • Track spending updated hourly
  • Focus spend on specific campaigns
  • Create Budget Spend and Pacing Alerts
    • These are great if you're spending too quickly and provide an opportunity to add more budget at a point during the day
  • Add Auto-Protect to ensure no overspend (if important)

When creating Custom Time Periods, you do need to add an extra time period after the event with a $0.01 budget to effectively stop the campaign's spending - as por the below:

In the below video we create the three Child Budgets, plus create a Custom Budget Spend Alert for these budgets.

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