How to Edit A Budget

  1. Click on Budgets/KPIs in the left navigation
  2. Click on the three dots under Actions for the budget you want to edit. Click ‘Edit’.
  3. The Client and the budget period are not able to be edited once created.  If you wish to change either of these settings, a new budget will need to be created.
  4. Click ‘Save Changes’.

Note: If you are using Google Account Budgets, you cannot update these values within Adpulse, you will need to:

  1. Login to Google Ads
  2. Select the client account where you want to update the budget. 
  3. Open "Tools and Settings" from the menu bar,
  4. Select "Billing", then select "Settings".
  5. Click "Account spend limit" and edit."

The budgets in Adpulse are updated hourly, so an hour will be the longest you'd need to wait to see these changes reflects within Adpulse.

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