What are the Search Term categories?

Search Term Tabs

The tabs available are listed below with a description of each and their current status:

Tab Description Status
Expensive Non-Converters Search terms that have had less than 1 conversion, but have spent greater than 2 times the average amount expected for the campaign to get a conversion. These are great candidates for saving money by adding as negative keywords! Live
Expensive Converters Search terms that have had at least 1 conversion, but have a significantly higher CPA or ROAS than the campaign average. Whilst these search terms are converting for you, they are relatively expensive and could be either excluded or added as keywords to control costs on them. Live
Add Keyword Search terms that are converting at a reasonable cost, but are not yet in the account as a keyword. A quick way to find new keywords that you know will bring conversions! Live
Stopped Serving Search terms that have previous conversion history, but are now getting no impressions (possibly blocked by a negative keyword, keyword/ad group is now paused, or bid strategy strangling traffic). Make sure your best-performing search queries stay active by clearing any blockages. Live
New Search Terms Over the last 30 days, these search terms have appeared in the campaign for the first time. Great to spot new search trends that are being triggered by your campaigns. Live
Everything Else These are the search terms that don't fall into any of the other categories. Live
Watched Search terms that you have previously marked as looking reasonable from a qualitative point of view, but you wanted more data on before making a decision to add as a negative or as a keyword. Coming Soon
Hidden The list of search terms that you have previously marked to be temporarily snoozed or permanently hidden from the other categories. Live
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