Adpulse Updates - 14 Dec 2022

New Updates

  • Child budgets add up to Account budgets
  • Updated triple dot menu options for budgets
  • Account and Child Budgets

Child budgets add up to Account budgets

We have added the ability to toggle on/off an alert that advises if the child budgets don't add up to the Account Budget total. This is enabled in the Account Budget, either when editing or creating Account Budgets. The check uses the Total Budget value, so includes any rollovers you might have.

Once enabled the alert icon will display on the Account Budget row, with more info when you hover over the icon.

Updated triple dot menu options for budgets

We've updated the triple dot menu for each budget row to make it easier to answer queries you might have about the activity:

  • Budget History - displays all of the updates made to the budget
  • Change Log - displays all the changes made for the account within Adpulse

Account and Child Budgets

We made a clearer delineation between Account (aka Parent) budgets and Child Budgets when creating a new budget. 

Each ad account can only have one Account Budget - with this containing All Campaigns within the account. This is the top-level budget and all Child Budgets will be created within the Account Budget. 

You can create as many Child Budgets as you like, and these can be All Campaigns or a selection of campaigns.

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