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Adpulse Updates - 3 July 2023
Adpulse Updates - 3 July 2023
Updated over a week ago

New updates:

We've just rolled out a new way to create and manage Budget Alerts and Notifications (don't worry we have migrated all existing alerts) + plus we're added Budget Pacing Alerts. Also, the Dashboard has an updated look to include these new alerts.

  • Custom Budget Spend and Pacing Alerts (includes dynamic Budget selection)

  • Updated Dashboard

  • Updated 'Create Budget' Button

Custom Budget Alerts

You can create Custom Budget Alerts, with your own thresholds, and can create multiple alerts for various selections of accounts - essentially setting Spend and/or Pacing thresholds for all of your accounts in one Alert.

The Custom Budget Alert types are:

  • Budget Spend

  • Budget Pacing

You can apply an alert to a static list of Ad Accounts, or you can include Ad Accounts dynamically, for example:

  • Budget Spend Alert when spend is greater than 90% for all Ad Accounts tagged with 'Sunita'

When selecting accounts dynamically, the Budgets included will update according to the criteria. For example, if the criteria is 'All Budgets tagged 'Sunita'' then any new Budgets that match this criterion will be included, conversely any that have the tag 'Sunita' removed will be removed.

How to create Custom Budget Alerts

Current Budget Spend Alert Migration

We have migrated any existing Budget Alerts to this new format and you can view these here.

Updated Dashboard

To accommodate the recent new Insights category and the new Budget Alerts, we have updated the UI of the Dashboard. These new sections will still click through as shortcuts to view the data.

We have also updated the colors of the Account Performance Scatter Plot, to make it easier to read.

Pro Tip: you can filter the Dashboard by Ad Account(s), so you can focus on one Ad Account and deep dive into it's performance through Adpulse.

Updated 'Create Budget' Button

You can now choose a default action for the 'Create Budget' Button, and even better, the button now works when you press enter (saves on those mousing around ;P)

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