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Adpulse Updates - 17 Feb 2021
Adpulse Updates - 17 Feb 2021
Updated over a week ago

So, this update is hot on the heals of the one last week, but we're pretty excited by this, so didn't want to wait.

We know that the most important metrics when managing PPC are the KPIs you or your clients are trying to achieve, so we’ve put KPIs at the heart of Adpulse.

We have just added the ability to enter and track your KPI's for every budget. Currently, this is for CPA and ROAS, but more KPI types will be added (Let me know if there is one you'd like to see).

KPI Tracking

Adpulse now supports defining KPIs against Smart Budgets and tracking the performance in the Budget List.You can set a KPI when creating a new budget, or update an existing Budget with a KPI by choosing Edit from the Budgets page. KPIs are given below the Budget Details section:


You can choose between a KPI target for Conversion Value/Cost or Cost per Conversion.

Choose KPI

Select the KPI you wish to track and then set the target:

Enter KPI Target

Once defined, you can check the performance of your Smart Budget KPI in the Budgets page. Red = not achieving target, Green = target achieved.


You can sort by the KPI column to bring the best or worst performers to the the top of the budget list.

Budget Adjustments and Pacing now take Ad Schedules into consideration

If your campaigns have an ad schedule these will be taken into consideration when calculating pacing and making adjustments. Adpulse will also not make budget adjustments to a campaign or shared budget unless there are ads scheduled on that day. You can see which ad schedules apply to which Campaign in the Add/Edit Budget screen.

Additional sorting options on the Budgets page

The following columns are now sortable on the Budgets page:

  • Conv. Value Cost

  • Cost / Conv.

  • Rollover

  • Total Budget

Bug Fixes

  • An issue was fixed with custom time periods in budgets where the budget target was not correctly displayed

  • You no longer have to add an entry in the current time period when using custom time periods for Budgets

  • An issue was fixed where it was not possible to un-import a client if they were at the bottom of the list due to the menu being cut off.

  • Failure during an ad account import should no longer result in an error when trying to later reimport the account.

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