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What are the Search Term categories?
What are the Search Term categories?
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Search Term Tabs

The tabs available are listed below with a description of each and their current status:



Status Issues

These Search Terms have a good conversion history but have no impressions account wide in the last 30 days.

Good Performance

Your best performing search terms - add these as new keywords to improve performance and keyword targeting.

Average Performance

Search terms that perform in line with your campaign averages show up here.

Poor Performance

These search terms seem to be performing much worse than the campaign average. Could be time to add them as negative keywords?

Low Data

These search terms have only a few conversions and not a lot of spend, so we can't categorize them yet.

High Spend

High spenders that are not converting. Great candidates for adding as negative keywords.

Average Spend

Moderately spending search terms that haven't spent too much since their last conversion but also haven't converted yet, so they are just sitting here and waiting to get enough data to be categorized as either good or bad.

Low Spend

Small spending search terms that have not yet converted (last 30 days) - not much to do on these yet.

No Clicks

Search terms with impressions but no clicks in the last 30 days


List of search terms that have been snoozed or hidden

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