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Adpulse Updates - 24 May 2023
Adpulse Updates - 24 May 2023
Updated over a week ago

New updates:

Some budget focussed updates this week, setting up the platform to have custom Budget Spend and Pacing Alerts. Plus, a centralized place to manage non-user contacts - for emails like Slack Channels or email groups.

  • New Alerts page

  • New non-user Contacts (for emails like Slack Channels or email groups)

  • Updated UI for Budget Settings

New Alerts page

We have created a new /Alerts page that will capture all of the Alerts generated by Adpulse. All Alerts will display here in addition to an email being sent.

The Alerts currently included are:

  • Ad Account Credential Failure

  • Ad Accounts Inaccessible

  • Budget Adjustment Error

  • Budget Adjustment Large Increase

  • Budget Campaigns Paused

  • Budget Campaigns Unpaused

  • Budget Spend Over Threshold

  • Credential Invalid

Coming soon: Custom Budget Spend and Pacing Alerts

Non-user Contacts

You now can now add 'non-user contacts' to your account. These are emails that are not actual users but could be an email group, a Slack Channel, or a Zapier Action.

Once created you can then use these Contacts as recipients for Alerts throughout the platform.

How to create a 'Non-user Contact';

  • Click on 'Create Contact'

  • Enter:

    • Contact name, ie 'Slack #alerts'

    • Email address

  • These Contacts will then appear on the Budget Settings page as a potential recipient for Alerts

Updated UI for Budget Settings

We've made some updates to the Budget Settings page to pave the way for custom budget alerts coming very shortly.

The changes are:

  • Rather than entering an email multiple times for each Smart Budget setting, you can assign User Tags and all emails will go to those users

  • You can also send these to 'Non-user Contacts' - as outlined above.

  • The Spend Alerts still have an explicit email, but this will change soon with the new custom budget alerts.

We have done a migration so existing email-to-alert relationships have been maintained, but now use the User Tags. If these alerts used an email address that did not match a user, then we have created it as a 'Non-user Contact' and added it to the Budget.

Therefore - all relationships between alerts and email addresses have been maintained.

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