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How to edit table columns
How to edit table columns
Updated over a week ago

You are able to edit the columns for most tables within Adpulse,

How you can edit the tables:

  • Display or hide certain columns

  • Reorder the columns

Once configured it will save for each time you return to that table.

Each table has its own configuration due to each table having different data.

How to edit the columns

On each table in Adpulse, you will see the 'Edit Column' icon.

Which will open a modal similar to the one below.

On the right, is the list of available metrics. Ticking these will make them display in the table and appear on the left-hand side - you can use the search box to filter the list of available metrics. There is also a reset option to return the table to the default view.

On the left, you can reorder the columns to whichever view works best for you.

Clicking off the modal will save the setting for that specific table.

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