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What is the Adpulse Minimum Daily Budget?
What is the Adpulse Minimum Daily Budget?
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Each ad platform (eg Google, Facebook, etc) stipulates a minimum daily budget amount that can be applied for a campaign, shared budget, or ad set. For example, a Google Ads campaign can have a daily budget set as low as $0.01 whereas a Facebook campaign might have a minimum daily budget of $40 or more (Facebook minimums are based on the number of Ad Sets inside the campaign).

Adpulse considers any daily budgets that are set to the ad platform minimum as being paused for AutoPacing purposes (for example, it’s common to set up a new Google Ads campaign with a $0.01 daily budget until you are ready to launch it). To allow AutoPacing to consider a campaign as active (and therefore able to be adjusted when AutoPacing runs), Adpulse adds $0.01 to the ad platform minimum.

For example, this means that the minimum daily budget you can set in Adpulse for a Google Ads campaign would be $0.02.

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