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Adpulse Release - 9th May 2024
Adpulse Release - 9th May 2024
Updated over a week ago

A smaller release this time, but we thought we'd give you an insight into what higher things the team has been working on:

  • New Insights: Location Settings

  • New KPI: Conversion Rate

What is coming up that the team is working on

  • Budgets 2.0 - we are giving budgets a big upgrade that’ll include:

    • Support for multiple budget schedules - Stack recurring and custom budget schedules in one budget so you can plan out the entire year if you like

    • Multi-platform budgets - Have one budget include multiple ad platforms, ie. Facebook and Google in the same budget

    • Creating Child budgets that use percentages of the parent budget as the target, ie. Parent Budget target is $10,000, with two child budgets with targets of 40% and 60% of the $10,000

  • Close Variant Manager - making Exact Match, exact again!

    • Quickly see the impact of close variants across all ad accounts (spend, CPC, CPA/ROAS)

    • Add negatives to block poor-quality searches (manually or automatically)

    • Turn quality search terms into new keywords

    • Use data across multiple accounts and platforms to proactively add negatives to prevent poor-quality searches, even before that search occurs in the account!

  • Spikes and Drops alerts

    • Ability to create custom alerts for almost all metrics. Ie. CTR is less than 5%, or Impressions drop 50% over the last 7 days.

New Insights

Location Settings

This will trigger when you have Location settings set to show ads to people who are "interested" in your targeted locations - as opposed to "People in or regularly in your target locations".

You can update the setting from within the Insight detail.

New KPI: Conversion Rate

We have added a new KPI type to be used by Budgets - Conversion Rate

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