How to change the budget target for the next period

On the Edit Budget Settings page, there are two Budget Targets:

  1. Recurring Budget Target - this field updates the next period
  2. Current Budget Target - this field is the value for the current period

These fields can also be accessed using the Bulk Export/Import Budget Data process.

Please note: The only time Adpulse will make a change to a budget automatically is when AutoPacing has been turned on

Recurring Budget Target

This is the Budget Target for the recurring period (Monthly or weekly). So the Budget Target will revert to this value at the start of every following period.

To update the Budget Target for the next period, you can update the Recurring Budget Target and this will not affect the Current Budget Target. Essentially, you can use this field to update next month's budget, without affecting this month.

Current Budget Target

This is the Budget Target for the current period and this can be adjusted at any point within the current period, but adjusting this will not affect the scheduled budget.

Note: The Total budget for the current period is made up of:

Current Budget Target + Any rollover from the last period = Total Budget

Bulk Export/Import Budget Data

Using the Export/Import function on the Budgets Page, it is possible to update the Recurring Budget Targets for the next period ahead of time:

Export / Import options on Budgets Page
  1. Download the current Budget data
  2. In the CSV there are two columns that relate to the Budget Targets:
    1. 'Budget Target' - this is the Current Budget Target.
    2. 'Recurring Budget Target' - this is the Recurring Budget Target
  3. Update the values in the 'Recurring Budget Target' column with the Budget Targets for the next period (this will not affect the Budget Targets for the current period)
  4. Upload the sheet

For more info on the other columns available in the Budget export file, read here.

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