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Have you ever sat in the pilot seat of a jet fighter? They are incredibly complex with hundreds of dials and switches, right? We know that the ad platforms (Google & Microsoft) are also very complex, with just as many dials and switches as that jet fighter, although the potential downside of flicking the wrong switch in a jet fighter is vastly different!

Google & Microsoft are introducing more and more platform automation in an effort to make managing your campaigns easier, and to a large degree, it’s working. That said, there are still hundreds of opportunities or areas of waste that are not highlighted by them, so we’ve taken on the challenge of building a user-friendly tool (enter to be your guardian angel.

Adpulse will provide you with independent analysis and recommendations, based on our team’s many years of experience in this industry (our team has personally managed over ¼ billion in ad-spend on these platforms and we’ve mentored hundreds of top agencies all around the world, so we’ve learned a thing or two over the last 15 years!). It also makes it easy for you to take action on those recommendations, so you can rest easy knowing your campaigns are in good shape.

“What will Adpulse do for me” I hear you ask!

Great question - I’m glad you asked! 😁 Adpulse will automatically diagnose where you are wasting money, where critical errors are arising, and where improvements can be made. We make it super easy to take action and fix these problems, often with just one click.

“So where should I start?” - Another great question!

Once you have imported your accounts the platform will automatically start running these daily checks and scans of your accounts. A summary of these will appear in your dashboard, and clicking through to each client will uncover the issues for that client. At the top of the dashboard, we also show a rolled up summary of your total wasted spend. If you want to know more about how this is calculated, take a read of ‘How Is The Wasted Spend Calculated?’

Next up is adding some budgets for your accounts so you can accurately track your budget pacing and even some alerts for when you’re getting close to overspending. To learn more about budgets, and how to create your first one in Adpulse, we have this for you - “Introduction To Smart Budgets”

Remember, we scan your accounts each day to help you stay on top of any issues, so we would suggest that you incorporate “check alerts” into your daily routine.

We are also adding multiple new scans every month, so keep checking back regularly (we will also email you details of new scans as they are released).

Thanks, Shaun Bond Founder and CEO

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