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Adpulse Updates - 3 May 2023
Adpulse Updates - 3 May 2023
Updated over a week ago

New updates:

Some big updates this week, including our first dedicated Performance Max tool!

  • Performance Max is here with the new Asset Groups Performance Dashboard

  • New Critical Alert: Zero Conversion Actions

  • The Accounts page now shows comparative data

  • Revised navigation

Performance Max - Asset Groups

We have just launched our first Performance Max performance tool - Asset Groups.


Having easy visibility across the relative performance of Performance Max Asset Groups for all clients in your portfolio has previously been impossible via the Google Ads interface. You could manually export listing group reports and run complex pivot tables in Excel to reverse engineer asset group performance, but even that will only show you one client at a time, and it’s extremely time-consuming. You could even set up a script to pull data into a Google sheet, but even that is client-by-client and takes a lot of effort to maintain and analyze.

Adpulse solves this problem by calculating the shopping product performance for every asset group in every PMax campaign for every client, then highlights which asset groups look like they are wasting money or performing unusually well. By glancing at the Asset Group dashboard you will instantly know which asset groups need your attention, right across your entire client portfolio. It’s a total game-changer for anyone running shopping campaigns via Performance Max!

You can read more about the Performance Max Asset Groups here: Asset Groups Explained

New Critical Alert: Zero Conversion Actions

We have added a new Critical Insights that will trigger when we see zero Conversion Actions within the account.

To allow for the various types of conversion activity across Ad Accounts, it uses a 90-day look-back window to establish a trend of inactivity. It triggers when the number of consecutive days of zero Conversion Actions is double the previous longest period of zero Conversion Actions.


A conversion action has not had a conversion recorded for the past 5 days. Looking back, we see that the longest historical period with no conversions was 7 days. This would not fire an alert.

Once the conversion action hits 8 days without a conversion recorded, however, the alert would fire.

Insight Overview;

Insight Detail:

The Accounts page now shows comparative data

The Accounts page now displays increases and decreases compared to the previous period. If you hover over the arrow the previous period data will display.

The previous period is defined by the period selected in the drop-down:

  • Last 7 days, compares to the 7 days prior to that

  • Custom date range will compare to the same number of days prior to that range

Revised navigation

To accommodate the new Asset Groups page we have created a new navigation item called 'Performance'. This will now house all the performance-based tools as we expand the functionality.

As you can see from the below we have moved, Accounts, Search Terms, and Products under Performance as well.

Look out for new pages being added over the next few months!

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