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Adpulse Updates - 6 June 2023
Adpulse Updates - 6 June 2023
Updated over a week ago

New updates:

A couple of small, but pretty powerful updates for you this week:

  • Budget Templates - think of shortcuts to create new Account Budgets

  • Updated Billing page

  • Preferred Name Field

Budget Templates

Budget Templates provide a quick way to create an Account Budget for an Ad Account. A Budget Template contains all the Budget Settings - except for the Budget Target amount - and can be applied to an Ad Account in several ways:

  • On import of the Ad Account

  • Using the Triple Dot menu for the Ad Account on the Budgets/KPIs page

  • And coming soon - via our Hubspot Integration

You can create multiple Budget Templates and then select which one to apply to which Ad Account. We have even created some common defaults then you can use as a starting point.

Limitations of Budget Templates:

  • Updating a Budget Template will not update previously created budgets that used that template

  • Users can edit a budget once a template is applied with no impact on the budget template

  • Only Account Budgets can be created via a template

Updated billing page

We have updated the billing page. To access your billing options visit Settings / Admin / Billing. Note: Only 'Owners' can see this tab.

On the billing page, you can:

  • View current plan

  • View ad spend for the last 30 days - converted to USD

  • Add/view/edit payment method

  • View billing cycle

  • View/edit billing email(s)

  • View/download recent invoices

Preferred Name Field

We have added a 'Preferred Name' field to the My Profile section. This name will be used on all Emails created by the platform, such as Budget Alerts and Insight Alerts.

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