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Adpulse Updates - 21 Jan 2021
Adpulse Updates - 21 Jan 2021
Updated over a week ago

We've just released some updates and a number of budget improvements for These will help usability as well as improve the performance of the Smart Budget functionality.

Budget Improvements

  • AutoProtect now better supports smart and video campaigns

  • You can now see which budgets have an alert enabled by looking for the bell icon in the Budgets table:
  • When creating a budget, 'monthly budgets' are the default

  • Currency inputs are shown with a currency symbol instead of just the currency code:

Improvements to tables and filtering

  • Tables now use zebra striping to make rows clearer:
  • Filters and sort are saved across sessions on tables so your current settings are remembered when you go back to the page

  • The total number of items and the current items displayed on the page are now added. When you use a filter this will show the number of filtered items:
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