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Managing Tags
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You are able to apply Tags to Ad Accounts and then filter results throughout the platform using these tags.

There are two types of Tags:

  1. User Tags - One User Tag exists per user and is recognizable as an avatar is included within the tag.

    1. Can be used to assign certain accounts to a user

  2. Generic Tags - Can create as many as needed and applied to accounts for any reason. Some example tags:

    1. Important Accounts

    2. Verticals - 'Plumbing', 'Electrical'

    3. Teams

    4. Geographies ''UK', 'FR'

Assigning Tags to Accounts

Creating Tags

User tags are created automatically when a user is created. The user can update their tag under My Profile

You can create Generic Tags within Settings Tags:

  • Click 'Add Tag'

  • Enter a name for the Tag

  • Enter a Description for the tag (optional)

  • Select a color (choose a preset, or pick your own using 'custom')

  • Click 'Add'

Editing and deleting a Tag

You can edit tags within Settings. Any edits you make will be reflected across all instances where that tag appears.

  • Click the Kebab menu next to the Tag

  • Select 'Edit'

  • You can update the name, description, and color

  • Click 'Save'

As a shortcut - you can also open the above edit menu by clicking on the Tag

Deleting the tags is the same process, but select 'Delete' instead of 'Edit'

Adding a Tag to an Ad Account

You assign Tags to Ad Accounts on the Connections page:

  • Click 'Add tags' next to the Ad Account name

  • You will get a drop-down of the existing Tags you have created

  • Select a Tag to assign it to that Ad Account

  • You can add as many Tags as you like, have them for a person and/or for a team or Industry type

Filtering by Tags

You can then use Tags to filter the results throughout the platform. When you apply a Tag it will remain filtered as you move between different sections of the platform. Currently, you can filter on:

  • Dashboard

  • Budget/KPIs

  • Insights

  • Search Terms

  • Accounts

You can click on the tag to filter by that tag, and click it again to un-filter by it.

Or, use the dropdown box:

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