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Adpulse Updates - 23 Jan 2023
Adpulse Updates - 23 Jan 2023
Updated over a week ago

New updates:

  • Introduction of 'User Tags'

  • Introduction of user permissions and roles

  • Child/Account Toggle on Account Performance scatter plot

  • Updated Settings pages

Introduction of 'User Tags'

We have introduced a new type of tag, called a User Tag. This is due to some upcoming updates that will provide improved User, Account, and Alert management.

A 'User Tag' will look different as it'll have an avatar at the front of the tag, while a non-user or 'Generic Tag' will not.

Each User will have a User Tag generated when the User is created. The color and avatar are selected at random but can be changed in My Profile

User tags for existing users

If you are an existing User, you may have already noticed that we have done a migration for you to create your new User Tag. This migration looks at your existing tags and if there is an exact match between an existing tag and the User's first name, then the existing tag has been converted to a User Tag for that User.

Handling exceptions:

  • If there is no match between a User's first name and an existing tag, then a new User Tag is added using the Users first name and a random number appended to their User Tag

  • If there are two users with the same first name, both will have a random number appended to their User Tag

Please note: no tags have been deleted during this process.

Updating your User Tag

Each User can update their own User Tag by either:

What can be updated:

  • Tag label - must now be unique

  • Tag color - choose a pre-set or pick your own

  • Avatar - there are 21 to choose from and they don't have to be unique. They look super cute though :)

User permissions and roles

We have introduced three permission levels to Adpulse. The roles can be updated on the Team page

Note: Currently, every user is an Owner.

The Roles are, in order of access:

  1. Owner

  2. Manager

  3. Viewer


Permission levels:





Invite Users


Invite managers or viewers


User Tags

Can edit own and others

Only edit own

Only edit own

Platform Connections


View and add


Merchant Connections


View and add


Ad Accounts








Token API




Child/Account Toggle on Account Performance Scatter plot

We have added the ability to toggle between viewing Account Budgets and Child Budgets on the Account Performance scatter plot of the Adpulse Dashboard.

This is handy for when you have many Child Budgets under an Account Budget and you want to drill down to see how each Child Budget is performing. Remember, you can filter this chart by Account(s) or tags to see a smaller set of data.

Updated Settings pages

In preparation for some upcoming functionality, we have re-configured the Settings section of Adpulse.

New configuration:


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