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Asset Groups Performance Dashboard Explained
Asset Groups Performance Dashboard Explained
Updated over a week ago


New in our suite of Performance Tools is Performance Max Asset Groups.

Having easy visibility across the relative performance of Performance Max Asset Groups for all clients in your portfolio has previously been impossible via the Google Ads interface. You could manually export listing group reports and run complex pivot tables in Excel to reverse engineer asset group performance, but even that will only show you one client at a time, and it’s extremely time-consuming. You could even set up a script to pull data into a Google sheet, but even that is client-by-client and takes a lot of effort to maintain and analyze.

Adpulse solves this problem by calculating the shopping product performance for every asset group in every PMax campaign for every client, then highlights which asset groups look like they are wasting money or performing unusually well. By glancing at the Asset Group dashboard you will instantly know which asset groups need your attention, right across your entire client portfolio. It’s a total game-changer for anyone running shopping campaigns via Performance Max!

Please note: Asset group data is formed from the shopping network only. When the Google API is updated to surface data for Search, Youtube, and Display networks, these will be incorporated here.

How it works

The Asset Groups Dashboard works the same way as Search Terms or Products, where we have pre-categorized your Asset Groups into helpful buckets, so you can review and action them quicker. The red ones look like they need attention or are wasting money, the yellow ones are average performers and the green ones are doing great!

The Categories



Status Issues

These Asset Groups contain Assets that have one or more status issues.

Good Performance

Your best-performing asset groups - try expanding reach, increasing budgets, or widening targeting to take advantage of great performance!

Average Performance

Asset groups that perform in line with your campaign averages show up here.

Poor Performance

These asset groups seem to be performing much worse than the campaign average.

Low Data

These Assets Groups have only a few conversions and not a lot of spend, so we can't categorize them yet.

High Spend

High spenders that are not converting. Great candidates for either a big overhaul or pausing.

Average Spend

Moderately spending Asset Groups that haven't spent too much in the last 30 days but also haven't converted yet, so they are just sitting here and waiting to get enough data to be categorized as either good or bad.

Low Spend

Small spending Asset Groups that have not yet converted (last 30 days)- not much to do on these yet.

No Clicks

Could be some fundamental issues in these asset groups, so an investigation could be required to see why they are not firing.


List of asset groups that have been snoozed or hidden.




Pause Asset Group

Pauses the Asset Group within Google Ads

Snooze 1 Day

Snooze 7 Days

Snooze 30 Days

Pauses the Asset Group being checked again for X number of days


Permanently stops the check from running for this Asset Group

Please note: You can view and unhide any Snoozed or Hidden Asset Groups from the Hidden tab

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