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Product Performance Dashboard Explained
Product Performance Dashboard Explained
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Products are often advertised across multiple campaigns, so the only way to get a true picture of how a particular product is working for you is to aggregate data for each product across the account.

Once you know how an individual product is performing, you then need to understand how good (or bad) that performance is, a hard task to complete manually! Adpulse does all the heavy lifting for you by automatically comparing each product to its peers, then highlighting good or bad performers for you.

Our automated data aggregation gives you insights that are impossible to achieve manually, even with a pivot table!

Adpulse Shopping Data Aggregation works across Performance Max and traditional shopping campaigns; we stitch the data together to give a full picture of the product’s metrics!

Adpulse Product Performance Dashboard

Adpulse Product Performance Dashboard


The Shopping Performance dashboard automatically breaks up your shopping campaign product data into useful categories. No more data diving to look for opportunities or to identify areas in need of critical attention; Adpulse serves them up for you. The categories examples are:



Good Performers

Best performing product categories - Generally just good to know, but the user may want to split these categories into different campaigns

Average Performers

Expected that the majority of converting product groups will land here - this should be the messy middle. Not much to do in terms of actions

Bad Performers

These product groups are the black sheep - may need excluding

Low Data

Not much to do here - they have less than 2 conversions but are not bad performers, so they will essentially sit here until they get enough conversions to be average or good with any luck

High Spend

High spenders that are not converting. Great candidates for excluding

Average Spend

Moderately spending categories that haven't spent too much but they also haven't converted yet, so they are just sitting here and waiting to get enough data to go either good or bad

Low Spend

Small spending categories - not much to do on these

No Clicks

Could be some fundamental issues with these categories. Potentially add to a new campaign


List of categories that have been snoozed or hidden

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