How to create Insight Alerts


You can create alert notifications for Insights which can be sent to an email, or a non-user contact. This works similarly to creating Custom Budget Alerts.

You can create and edit Insight Alerts from Settings > Alerts

The steps to create an Insight Alert are:

  1. Name the Alert
  2. Select the Insight Categories you want to be notified about
  3. Select the Ad Account you want this to include
    1. This can be done dynamically - for example, using a Tag - or statically, by selecting specific accounts
  4. Select the Frequency of the alert
    1. Immediate - a notification is sent immediately for each generated Insight
    2. Daily - A single email will be sent that summarises the Insight results
  5. Select the recipients for the notification
    1. Via email to an existing Adpulse user, using the User Tag
    2. Via a messaging app (like Slack or Teams) via a Non-user Contact


Tom wants Critical Alerts to be emailed to him for his important accounts. He already has an 'important' tag assigned to the accounts, so he only needs to create a new Insight Alert with the below settings:

  • Insight Category = Critical
  • Ad Accounts = Dynamic using Tag 'Important'
  • Frequency = Immediate
  • Recipient = Select his User Tag

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