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Adpulse Updates - 21 June 2023
Adpulse Updates - 21 June 2023
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New updates:

An expansion to the Performance offering, plus some usability updates:

  • Keywords and Campaigns added to Performance Dashboards

  • Pro-Rata Option when Creating a Budget

  • New Insight Category - Important

  • Bunch of Little Things...

Keywords and Campaigns added to Performance Dashboards

We're continuing to expand out the Dashboards within Performance, with Keywords and Campaigns now available.

These follow the same structure as the other Performance Dashboards, with some small tweaks to each to accommodate the different data sets required.

Pro-Rata Option when Creating a Budget

Sometimes when you win a new client, this will be their first time spending on the Ad platform (ie. new to Google Ads). This means that if you're creating a budget part-way into the first period, you need to calculate the budget for that initial period and use that as the Budget Target.

We have added a 'Pro-rata' option that will calculate the initial month for you - no more math needed! It'll take the total budget for the period and, based on the number of days left in the period, work out the Budget Target for the first Budget period.

Note: Only use this option if it's a brand-new Ad Account with zero spend to date.

New Insight Category - Important

Based on feedback from some customers we've moved The 'Conversion Action may be broken' Insight from Critical to Important.

This means that if you had email notifications set for Critical you will no longer see these Insights included in these notifications. If you still want to receive these as an email notification you can update your Insight notifications here.

Bunch of Little Things...

  • You can bulk import Ad Accounts, by clicking 'Bulk Import' and pasting a comma-separated list.

  • If you've filtered Insights by a category and then clicked 'Open Detail' it now remembers the category when you go back to the Insight list.

  • You can now filter the Insight listing by Insight Type - great if you only want to check one Critical Alert type, for example.

  • The number of rows you select in a table now persists across all tables so for those loving 100 rows everywhere, this setting is for you!

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