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Adpulse Updates - 24 October 2023
Adpulse Updates - 24 October 2023
Updated over a week ago

We've been building upon the in-app optimization functionality, so you can do more in Adpulse - which means less flicking between apps - which means more time for you!

  • Devices Performance Dashboard with in-app bid adjustments

  • Update Campaign Bid Strategies

  • Updated Insight interface

  • Meta Beta is now live

Devices Performance Dashboard

New to the suite of Performance Dashboard is Devices. As per the other Performance Tables, this is pre-categorized to help you prioritize which needs action.

Within Adpulse you can then apply Bid Adjustments to these devices, individually or in bulk.

Read more on how the Device Performance Dashboard works - Devices Performance Dashboard Explained and How to update a Device Bid Adjustment

Update Campaign Bid Strategies

If you missed the in-app notification, we recently released the ability to update Campaign Bid Strategies from within Adpulse.

Navigate to the Campaign Performance Dashboard and it'll appear as a new Action in the Triple-dot menu.

Meta Beta is live

We have a number of agencies up and running using Adpulse for Meta budgets and have been getting some great feedback. We are planning on a general release soon.

Updated Insight interface

The Insights page now has a little makeover and now has a grid view and a list view, making it easier to view and work through the Insights generated.

This also allows better use on mobile, which is great if you get a Critical Alert when you're out and about.

Grid view

List view

Defer Loading Child Budgets

If you use child budgets extensively (eg hundreds or thousands of them), enabling this option may increase the load speed of your Budgets/KPI page by deferring child budgets from being loaded until you open the Account Budget.

Please be aware that enabling this option will prevent the greyed-out Child-related Smart Budget icons from displaying on the Account Budget row until you manually expand to view the Child.

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